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Computer law encompasses all of the laws that relate to the transfer, use, and storage of electronic information. Basically, it’s any law that has to do with computers and other electronic devices that store information. Computer law includes a wide range of topics including security, private property rights and even constitutional law.


When you buy a computer, sign up for an account on a website or even complete a credit application online, you have to check the box that says that you understand the terms and conditions of the agreement. A computer lawyer wrote that agreement. Computer lawyers must know all of the laws that relate to contracts and computers.

Companies in the computing business use contracts in their every day operations. For example, a company that sells online may need to contract with another business for processing online purchases. They may need to contract with a third party in order to develop a website or custom software to operate their business. All of this important contract work falls under the auspices of computer law.


Computer lawyers contemplate and address how to keep private information safe in a world where the information is available at the click of a button. Lawyers help their clients determine how to best secure customer information. They implement policies to protect the company from liability in the event of a breach. They must determine whether a company can share the personal information that they collect and how to do so lawfully.